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MELON HEAD is a award-winning romantic comedy about Gordon -- a dimwitted chubster with pure intentions, who follows some god-awful advice and tries to impress the woman of his dreams by scaring the crap out of her.

Melon Head marks the second collaboration by the members of the creative team (the first being The Painter and The Wife):

Andy Fortenbacher (Director/Co-Writer)
Zac Page (Writer)
Craig Harmer (DP)
Rob Cristiano (Producer)
Chris Kotcher (Co-Producer)
Aaron Bannasch (Production Designer)

The same creative team is currently developing a feature-length horror comedy inspired by the characters and world depicted in the short. If you're interested in helping us realize our vision from the film, please email
Best Director, The Eclipse Awards
Best Short Film, The Eclipse Awards
Audience Prize, Wallabout Film Festival
Best Ensemble, Milwaukee Short Film Festival
Nominated - Best Short, Thriller! Chiller! Film Festival
Nominated - Best Short, Best Director, Best Actor (Jonathan Spencer), Housecore Horror Film Festival
Capture Format: RED Epic (5K)
Shot on location in and around Grand Rapids, MI

Gordon is a timid and lonely man that wants nothing more than the attention of Wendy and frequents the laundromat where she works just so he can be close to her.  Wendy, on the other hand, has very little interest in Gordon.  After Gordon receives some bad advice that the only way to turn on a woman like Wendy is to get her scared, he comes up with the perfect plan for a date: a late night trip into the woods where cannibalistic creatures known as the Melon Heads are rumored to live. Gordon is convinced that if he takes Wendy on the most terrifying date of her life, he'll finally win her attention and her heart.

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